What affects my construction budget?

There are several factors that can affect a construction cost significantly, hence your budget. Some of which are as follows:

  • Slope of the site;
  • Suburb or location of the site;
  • Ground and foundation conditions;
  • Demolition and clearing the site;
  • Council requirements or development control legislation;
  • Availability of services to the site;
  • Size of the project;
  • Quality of fit-outs, finishes, and fixtures;
  • Repetition or simplicity in design;
  • Comprehensiveness if building design documents;
  • Economy and market forces;
  • Method of construction;
  • Conditions of contract.

Once an architect helpsย prepare a building design concept for you, it is best to have a preliminary construction cost estimate organised for you by either a builder, quantity surveyor, or building cost estimator to ensure the design is in line with your budget. As the design is developed further, we suggest the construction cost estimate to also be updated.

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